About Senyarfish

Our roots are grounded with leadership of over a combined many years’ experience in the seafood . We are family owned seafood company. Our main objective at The SenyarFish Company is to be not just a source of authentic seafood for our customers, but to build long, healthy, and strategic relationships with them.

We specialize, although are not limited to servicing restaurants, hotels, etc. We try to constantly evolve to meet our customers expectation in quality & taste. Whether, Particular delivery time, or preferred specification needs to be strive to work for our customers. Service and quality are the main tenets that we strive to develop our reputation in the Industry.

Whether, a small restaurant or a large retail account delivering high quality seafood with a service that is above what is expected is our goal. On any given day we will be processing 12 hours or more to meet the exacting needs of our many customers. With family values and leadership at the core, we strive to treat every AED and every sale with the respect our friends and family deserve.